Microsoft welcomes Government’s Cloud Strategy

Microsoft welcomes the release of the Government’s National Cloud Computing Strategy.
“We agree with the Government and Cebit that ‘cloud computing has reached its tipping point. It is no longer a trend, but an absolute business requirement’,” said Pip Marlow, Microsoft Australia’s Managing Director.
“We are greatly encouraged by the strong statements that the ‘government will be a leader in the use of cloud services to achieve greater efficiency, generate greater value from ICT investment, deliver better services and support a more agile public sector’.”
“Microsoft also supports the Government’s view that small businesses and the not for profit sector can be great beneficiaries of the benefits of cloud services, including the ability to scale their ICT services on demand, reduce their costs, and reduce the time spent on managing ICT so they can be more productive and innovative.”
“The cloud provides SME’s with the opportunity to be creators rather than just consumers of ICT.
“Microsoft is demonstrating this belief through its recent announcement that it will host data centres in Australia for its Azure platform, which will help Australian businesses build their productivity and innovative capacity.
“We welcome the Government’s focus on risk assessment as a criteria for determining the appropriateness of cloud services, rather than prescriptive security measures. 

“We endorse the Government’s recognition that there are already economy-wide consumer protections and privacy regulation that apply to cloud services.”

“As a member of the National Standing Committee on Cloud Computing (NSCCC) we look forward to further engagement with the Government in driving the next steps including contributing to the Cloud Consumer Protocol, assisting agencies with the transition to cloud services and supporting efforts to work with small businesses and not-for-profits to realize the benefits of the cloud.

Microsoft agrees with the BSA* that Australia is well positioned to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, and the release of this strategy will enhance Australia’s already-strong global reputation in this area.

BSA Cloud Computing Scorecard for Australia

*Microsoft is a member of BSA: The Software Alliance.