Minister launches ThinkUKnow Presentation in Stirling, WA

Yesterday the Minister for Justice, The Hon Michael Keenan, returned to his home electorate of Stirling, Western Australia, to launch a ThinkUKnow cyber safety presentation. 

The ThinkUKnow program works to educate parents, teachers and carers about the risks faced online and provide help in creating a safer online experience for our youth and children. Since the pilot program commenced in 2009, more than 28,000 parents, carers, teachers and community members have participated.

Young people are now faced with an increasing number of online safety risks, which can include inappropriate content, cyber bullying, spam, scams and online sexual exploitation.

The Internet needs to be an open topic of discussion between caregivers and their children, one where young people feel confident discussing these issues, and parents have a sound understanding of how to provide the necessary support. ThinkUKnow aims to open the lines of communication between caregivers and their children.

Yesterday’s presentation at the Osborne Library in Sterling focused on safe online use and awareness of the risks faced, delivered by expert ThinkUKnow volunteers from the Australian Federal Police and Microsoft.

Secure online use is an important issue that will only continue to grow in the future so it is important initiatives such as the ThinkUKnow program are there to engage with communities, by providing simple advice, tips and information that will allow individuals to improve their online security and awareness of the risks faced.

ThinkUKnow Australia is a partnership between the AFP, Microsoft Australia and Datacom. It is proudly delivered in partnership with the Western Australia Police, Neighbourhood Watch Australasia, State and Territory Police.



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