National Cyber Security Awareness Week 2011

Next week marks the start of this year’s National Cyber Security Awareness Week.

Microsoft is proud to be involved in nationwide events supporting the Department of Broadband Communications and Digital Economy’s initiative, Stay Smart Online. As in previous years, National Cyber Security Awareness Week is run in conjunction with State and Territory governments, industry partners and consumer groups to raise awareness of online risks.

This is always a fantastic opportunity where everyone involved benefits a great deal from the numerous events held across the country.

This year the partners involved in the week have put together a list of eight simple tips to help people keep themselves safe online:
Install and renew your security software and set it to scan regularly.
Turn on automatic updates on all your software, including your operating system and other applications.
Think carefully before you click on links and attachments, particularly in emails and on social networking sites.
Regularly adjust your privacy settings on social networking sites.
Report or talk to someone about anything online that makes you uncomfortable or threatened – download the government's Cybersafety Help Button.
Stop and think before you post any photos or financial or personal information about yourself, your friends or family.
Use strong passwords and change them at least twice a year.
Talk within your family about good online safety.

For more information about the week and what events are being held, please visit the Stay Smart Online Website.

Stuart Strathdee, Chief Security Adviser