A New Whitepaper I’m Excited About

I’m thrilled, happy, and excited to announce the new Extender Whitepaper is now available!  

Why would a new whitepaper get me so excited?   Well, I was one of those people who thought Extender was just a tool if you want to add a new field or form.  It really is much, much more and this whitepaper explains it.  And, it includes information on the new functionality coming out in Service Pack 4 for Dynamics GP 10.0.

Extender Whitepaper for Microsoft Dynamics GP

With the new functionality releasing in August, I’ve created two new landing pages.

Extender Landing Page – PartnerSource 

Extender Landing Page - CustomerSource

They have new fact sheets, demo scripts, feature lists, and pricing info.

For partners, it also has training on how to sell and how to use Extender.  The web seminars were highly rated and are worth the time investment.

A huge thank you to my “GP Friends” who helped me create this whitepaper.