Demonstration Hardware Upgrades

Hello Fans of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010!

A new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Beta Technical Demonstration Toolkit\Virtual Machine\VPC will be provided in February for partners, including multiple virtual machines to accommodate the new technical requirements associated with the introduction of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 (which will be 64-Bit only.)  This means you will want to make sure you and your partners are prepared to demonstrate the full feature list of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 for existing and prospective customers!

With this exciting new release, there will be a NEED to upgrade your demonstration hardware (i.e. laptops - if you have not already done so) to 64-Bit hardware (NOTE: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 will only run on 64 - Bit hardware.)  

Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V will be the platform utilized in order to demonstrate the FULL feature list of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. 

For a LIMITED demonstration environment, we will provide a Microsoft Virtual PC based demonstration image that will function in a 32 - bit environment.   

Here are some suggestions regarding hardware specifications to run the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Technical Demonstration Toolkit\Virtual Machines:

1. 64-Bit Chipset (BIOS support for virtualization)

2. Processor: Dual Core (Current Class Hardware)

3. eSATA Port

4. Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V

5. 8 GB of RAM

6. 300 GB HD Minimum - 7200 RPM Drive (Optional second drive in the laptop for shared spindles)

7. Optional: external eSATA 7,200/10,000 RPM Drive or Solid State Drive (SSD)

*Within the next two weeks, we will also be providing an “expectations” document so you and your partners will have a full understanding of what we, as a Product Management team, will be providing from an overall technical demonstration toolkit\virtual machines\VPC for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

*Starting tomorrow, there will be a similar announcement on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Page of PartnerSource.