Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Hyper-V Demo Toolkit - V2 !!!

We are excited to announce the latest release (V2) of the Dynamics GP 2010 R2 64 Bit Technical Demonstration Toolkit.  

We gathered lots of your feedback and suggestions (thank you for all those who shared ideas and experiences) and worked closely with the Dynamics PTA team in the US to deliver an update to the image that we released in Dec 2011.

We updated the look and feel of the image to be similar (yet improved) to the images that you are used to using.  We do recognize the importance for you and your teams to ramp on any new demo tool and we try hard to make sure that your past experience is similar and logical to follow.

We focused on some core areas and expect continued work in the next few months… (as we all know demo tools are never done and software is always changing).    So plan for a update release in a few months. We are always trying to give you the best and most current sales tools.

We did some general look and feel things and fixed a few things as well.

Some key focus areas were:  Look & feel and usability, BI and Dashboards, Workflow fixes and setup for Purchase Order, Management Reporter and Viewer cleanup, Lync setup, User context support  thru PowerShell, RDP and RemoteApp setup. 

Brought back the familiar shortcuts that make for a seamless demo experience.


We also installed and Dynamics GP Analysis Cubes, SharePoint Designer 2010.

We are also really excited about a great new sales demo tool to help you streamline your demos to your prospects and create reusable demos. 

The Dynamics GP Demo Scenario Builder tool was built by John Dooley, who is one of our ingenious PTAs.  This is a really slick sales demo configurator tool that enables you to pick from a list of demo scenarios and build a demo flow that is loaded automatically into the Dynamics GP 2010 Shortcuts toolbar.  This Demo Scenario Builder contains a series of prebuilt demo flows that map to links and screens in Dynamics GP 2010.  It keeps track of the number of steps and the length of time for your demo and has some nice popup windows that enable you to clearly establish the goals of the prospect and enable you highlight key messages or themes your demo goals thru-out the demo itself.

John and his fellow PTAs (Craig Crescas and Tom Higginbotham) are planning some great new demo scenarios in addition to the ones available on this release. 



Here is a screen shot of the imported shortcuts.

This looks easy like follow the yellow brick road type easy.


We really want to recognize the great work done by John Dooley, Craig Crescas and Tom Higginbotham on this release.  This was a real team effort between the Dynamics GP Product Group and the Dynamics US PTA team. 

Thanks for your help guys.

Download at:   https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/marketing/marketingcollateral/demos/MSDYN_GP2010R2HyperVDemoImageSet

Jay Manley