Feature of the Day: Analytical Accounting Integration for U.S. Payroll

Analytical Accounting Integration for U.S. Payroll

Module: Payroll, Analytical Accounting

Why this feature is cool!

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, Analytical Accounting is now integrated with U.S. Payroll! Now you can enter AA dimension codes for posting account distributions along with Payroll data.  You can setup defaults in posting account setup, assign transaction dimension codes in transaction entry to enable the Payroll system to use when you calculate payroll checks.

You now can post U.S. Payroll information in greater detail to the General Ledger and use the Payroll Posting Edit List window to display the GL accounts that will be used during the posting process before printing checks and posting.  This lets you edit distribution accounts and add dimension information prior to posting. 

Posting with Detail and Payroll Posting Edit will be available whether Payroll and Analytical Accounting are integrated or not.

What does it look like?

Transactions > Payroll > Transaction Entry


Transactions > Payroll > Posting Edit List