Feature of the Day: Consolidate Multiple Contracts into 1 Invoice

Consolidate Multiple Contracts into 1 Invoice

Module: Contract Administration

Why this feature is cool!

Even though you may have multiple contracts for any given customer, with the invoice consolidation for Contracts feature, you can now send out a single invoice that combines the billing from one or more contracts!   Customers love this because they can renew and pay for all contracts from a single invoice.  This means you don’t have to merge multiple contracts at renewal time in order to generate a single invoice to the customer.  This feature works by consolidating all contracts using the billing customer’s address ID. 

Let’s take the power of the consolidation feature one step further!  If you use the Site layer in contracts, this feature allows you to produce multiple invoices from a single contract if desired!  By setting the consolidate contracts flag at the customer extensions coupled with the ability to specify a billing customer address for every Site line (and change it at the contract line), this new feature allows you unlimited flexibility and control over contracts and invoices. 

What does it look like?

Customer Extensions window


Contract Billing Audit Trail report