Feature of the Day: Copy List Items in Extender

Copy List Items in Extender

Why this feature is cool!

Do you have lists on multiple forms or windows in Extender that are the same or very similar? Perhaps after you have finished typing a long list of items you found that you missed some or mistyped a word or changed the order from another list. Well now, you can copy a list of items from the same form or window or from another one.

· Saves time and reduces errors.

· All of the lists that are defined in Extender from this form, or any other form/window, will be displayed.

· You can choose all items or certain ones to copy.

· The selected items will replace anything you have in your list by default.

· You can choose to append the selected list to the existing list.

· Once the copy is complete, the lists are not connected in any way. Changes to one list will not affect the other.

What does it look like?