Feature of the Day: E-mail – Customized Messaging

E-mail – Customized Messaging

Module: System

Why this feature is cool!

The email feature for Microsoft Dynamics GP will provide the user with the option to create predefined messages for customers and vendors.  The messages can be assigned at a document level, so that all customers/vendors get the same message for the selected document.  Otherwise, the messages can be assigned to an individual customer/vendor and document combination.  The user can also change the message on the fly from the Receivables Entry Window, Sales Transaction Entry Window, and Purchase Order Entry window.

  • Predefined messages can be assigned at a document level or at an individual customer/vendor level.
  • Messages can be added or modified on the fly.
  • There is security setting that controls whether the message can be edited before being sent.
  • The user can designate a ‘Reply to Address’ per message, so return messages from the customer or vendor can be directed to a specific user or group email address within the company.

What does it look like?

Message Setup window (Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Tools>>Setup>>Company>>E-mail Message Setup)


E-mail Detail Entry (the E-mail Detail Entry expansion button next to the Customer ID field)