Feature of the Day: Kit Item Support in Field Service

Kit Item Support in Field Service

Module: Service Call Management, Preventative Maintenance, Returns Management, Depot Management

Why this feature is cool!

While kit items have long been a staple in Inventory and SOP transactions, you’ve not been able to use them in the Field Service Series.  This feature has been long-awaited and is now a reality!  For businesses that rely on the ease of using kitted inventory in their service industry, they can now specify a kit on a Service Call Parts line. All the familiar Service tools to manage backorders such as generating a Purchase Order or a transfer are supported.  A kit item can be entered on an RMA with full functionality to process the kit components such as creating an RTV or a Work Order.  From RMAs, the kit components can be returned to stock or scrapped.  Also kits can be used in Parts posting for Work Orders. 

What does it look like?

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