Feature of the Day: Navigation List Builder

Navigation List Builder

Module: SmartList Builder

Why this feature is cool!

Navigation List Builder extends the functionality of the Navigation Lists letting a customer include exactly the data that they want, whether it be from any table in Microsoft Dynamics GP or any 3rd party product, as well as external SQL tables and views!

The Navigation Lists will retrieve only the information selected speeding up the list performance. 

Users can customize their lists in the following ways:

  • Select the fields to display
  • Select the fields to show in the Preview Pane
  • Define the Preview Pane layout
  • Restrict the data by default, dramatically speeding up list load performance
  • Create Calculated fields
  • Create Actions to:
    • Open Forms
    • Run Reports
    • Launch Files
    • Launch Web sites
    • Perform standard Dynamics GP Functions such as Transaction Posting or Customer Aging
  • Display various Status Icons

What does it look like?

Navigation:  Under the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu > Tools > SmartList Builder > Navigation List Builderimage


An example list built using Navigation List Builder image