Feature of the Day: Purchase Order Returns Enhancements

Purchase Order Returns Enhancements

Module: Returns Management

Why this feature is cool!

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, PO Returns enhancements have been added to give more options for returns processes.  First, you will have the option to choose whether you want the returned items to be replaced by the vendor.  Second, you will have the option to determine how the invoice match will be handled. 

If you choose to replace the returned goods, the PO line quantities will be adjusted and the PO line opened if necessary to reflect that you are expecting additional quantity of the item.  If the Purchase Order has been moved to history, a new PO will be created for the vendor, with the item and the replacement quantity.   If you are using Encumbrance Management, when the quantity is set for replacement, the amount will be encumbered. 

If you choose that an invoice is expected, the invoice match process will match the invoice quantity against the received quantity.  The line item will remain open until the entire quantity is invoiced. 

What does it look like?

Transactions > Purchasing > Returns Transaction Entry


Transactions > Purchasing > Edit Purchase Orders