Flood update

Sorry for the inactivity on the blog lately, but I hope you can all understand our community and team have been a bit busy fighting floods and blizzards here in Fargo-Moorhead lately. :(  The Microsoft campus has actually been closed for nearly a week now.  We have complied with the Mayor’s request to keep all non-essential businesses (in flood fighting terms) closed through tomorrow, so we hope to re-open the offices on Thursday.

The good news so far is that the Red River appears to have crested late last week, just shy of 41 feet.  Today I believe the river is right at 38 feet and falling, so things are starting to return to a state that resembles normalcy.  Many homes that were in harms way have escaped without serious damage, and the hard work of tens of thousands of volunteers has paid off in a big way.  It is quite amazing to think that an estimated 50 miles of dikes and 5 million sandbags were made within the period of about 10 days (those numbers represent only Cass county, which Fargo is the county seat of).  The stories of heroism, generosity, and community pouring out of this disaster are both humbling and awe-inspiring.

The bad news is we now are in the middle of a winter storm that could dump up to 12-16 inches of snow (we are probably halfway there already), and some flood predictions show another river crest could hit Fargo-Moorhead again in mid-April as a result of the increased precipitation to the Red River Valley.  Additionally, we all unfortunately have friends or co-workers who have been impacted by this flood.  Whether that means having to maintain dikes and pumps 24 hours a day in their or their neighbor’s backyards, or evacuating their homes while the flood water invaded their house; some here in Fargo and at Microsoft haven’t been able to avoid the power of Mother Nature.

Despite these negatives, our cities and people remain confident and optimistic.  We have beat floods before and we will beat this one as well.  Thanks to all of those who have expressed their well wishes and thoughts during this ordeal. 

Even with all of these things going on, our team is STILL managing to pull off the first 3 GET MORE! Sales Seminars starting this Thursday in Ft. Lauderdale for our Dynamics GP Partners!  The response from our Partners to these events has been tremendous, as we keep having to increase the class maximums to allow registration for all those who want to be there.  Some cities are limited on space, so if you do get wait-listed, hopefully a spot will open up and you will be automatically notified that you are in the seminar. 

If you attend one of these seminars, be sure to tell our team you are a GP Insider and let us know what you think about the blog so far!  I promise once we get back to a normal work week without the worries and work of this flood, this blog too will return to normal activity. :)