For our friends Down Under!

We wanted to pass a bit of news along for those of you readers based in Australia. We just got word from our our team there that Microsoft Dynamics GP recently passed an important milestone with regards to "official" registration with the Austalian Government's Tax Office. This basically means Microsoft Dynamics GP is listed on a Government website meant to help prospects determine which accounting packages can help them meet their taxation obligations within Australia. You can view the entry here if you are interested:

I can't leave you at that though. It's not terribly impressive to simply be on a Government website listed as being acceptable for meeting specific tax obligations. What is WAY more important is having happy, successful customers in Australia who can point to the real benefits of using a system like Microsoft Dynamics GP. So for you Australian businesses out there looking for a new ERP system, please have a read about two specific customers in your country who've experienced tremendous value from their use of Microsoft Dynamics GP!