Get more out of your existing solution with Extender

Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender is a amazing module that helps you get more flexibility, more solutions that is configurable to meet your specific needs.  And, it is extremely easy to use. Do you have a strong understanding of how Extender can get you more? 

The module is priced low and you can easily achieve a quick ROI.  Ask yourself, how many pieces of data they are tracking in an Excel Spreadsheet or access?  It would be easier to take that information out of Excel and have it part of Dynamics GP for everyone to see an update.  If you agree, then most likely Extender will give you more ROI in your overall solution.

Important Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Pack 4 Extender Announcement  including: Price Announcements, FAQ, Fact Sheet, Demo Scripts, and Feature List for Service Pack 4.

PartnerSource Extender Landing Page

CustomerSource Extender Landing Page

Common myths about Extender:  

Reporting is Difficult:   NO, NO, NO.  Reporting is easy, you just need to know how.  By using the Extender view function, writing reports on Extender data is simple.  You can use Report Writer, Crystal, SQL Reporting Services, SmartLists, SmartList Builder, Excel Report Builder.

The table structure is odd and therefore performance can be a problem:   The structure is designed to support unlimited numbers of custom fields, so the data is stored differently.  Extender has a function called Extender views.  With views, you do not need to understand the table structure.  Performance is not a worry and with changes in Dynamics GP 10.0, service pack 4, it will be even better.

To learn more about Extender, please view the Partner On-Demand Web Cast

An Existing Customer Web Cast is being planned and will be scheduled for late April.  I will update when it is scheduled.