Give me 5 . . . Again!

As you know, driving growth in the SMB segment with our Dynamics ERP products is a key priority for Microsoft.  To help enable this, we’ve continued to reevaluate what we can do to launch game-changing ERP SMB offers that have proven to aggressively provide great results for both Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics Partners. Additionally, we want to ensure we continue to fuel your business for future growth with appropriate partner incentives.

Microsoft is pleased to announce a portfolio of initiatives designed to stimulate and accelerate Microsoft Dynamics ERP SMB Customer Adds!  The “Give Me 5 Again” offer, the “Extend for Half” offer, and the “Perpetual Licensing Volume Discount” offer each provide unique opportunities for you to both accelerate existing pipe in H1 and drive
new demand in H2.  Additionally, the “ERP SMB Partner Incentive” provides partners with a way to earn $ for driving YOY growth in their ERP SMB business.  Please refer to PartnerSource for full details and the complete terms and conditions.

Top Things Partners Can Do Right Away:

  1. Learn more about the offers and incentive by reviewing the PartnerSource links
  2. Close Existing Pipe.  Proactively reach out to your list of prospects who have put off buying decisions.  Offers this significant may be the compelling event that gets them over the edge.
  3. Incorporate offers into your Demand Generation and Online Presence Activities