GP 2010 R2 Feature of the Day: Business Portal External Lists

Why this feature is cool!

External lists will allow users to add, modify, view and remove business data from within Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2. Leveraging the external list functionality in SharePoint 2010 and Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, select Dynamics GP entities will be exposed as editable lists on pages within Business Portal.

The following external lists have been created:

* Customer (Customer Address)

* Customer Sales and Receivables

* Sales Order (Sales Order Line)

* Vendor (Vendor Address)

* Purchase Order (Purchase Order Line)

* Sales Item (Sales Item Quantities)

* Service Calls (Open, Invoiced, Historical)

* Return Documents (Open, Historical)

* Employee (Employee Address)

* Projects

* Posting Accounts

* Manufacturing Order (Pick List Items, Order Route Steps)

What does it look like?