Microsoft Business Analyzer now available on Windows 8!


Microsoft has released a number of its own in-house created apps for Windows 8 in the past several months, ranging from News and Sports apps from its Bing team to the Fresh Paint art program. This weekend, the company quietly launched its latest Windows 8 app in the Windows Store but it's an app that has a more specific audience.

The app is called the Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer and it's designed to show stats and information for businesses that use Microsoft Dynamics ERP-based software. Specifically, the app can connect to a server running SQL Reporting Services and display reports that have been created by Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 FP1.

We can imagine that businesses with employees that have a enterprise-oriented Windows 8 tablet such as the Dell XPS 10 or the upcoming HP ElitePad 900 could use Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer to check to see if, for example, their budget is in line with their product sales.

The app also allows users to open the Lync version of Windows 8 in order to start up a chat with someone else about a report that's displayed on the Dynamics Business Analyzer. The launch of this new app shows that Microsoft is expanding its Windows 8 software products beyond just consumer oriented apps and it's likely we will see even more apps like this in the future.


Jay Manley