Monterey Bay Aquarium receives Evangelism Customer Excellence Award at Convergence

After implementing Great Plains in 1997, MBA realized that they could leverage this investment to achieve greater efficiencies in business processes and integration between various business systems.  "By utilizing the Frank, Rimerman Consulting customizations to our already highly effective Dynamics system, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is now able to budget departmentally at the detailed line item level as well as post all transactions from our Development, Membership and Ticketing systems on a daily basis enabling staff to see up-to-date actual versus budget figures" says Brian Fulmer, IT Director for the Aquarium.  Monterey Bay Aquarium is now able to respond quicker to internal and external needs. Being conservation driven, they are trying to do everything green. They have increased the number of EFT vendors and reduced the number of paper checks. Reporting is all on line so managers can get their monthly financials. Customer service has improved significantly based on reporting functionality and improved commucations.

Monterey Bay Aquarium is a Microsoft zealot and advocate.  They continue to be a spokesperson for Microsoft at every occasion, every event, and often unsolicited, about the solution’s capability, scalability, reliability, flexibility and ease of use. They attend Convergence, near or far.  Every time FRC needs a quote, a reference, a guest speaker, a case study, etc to promote Microsoft, we can call Monterey Bay Aquarium and we KNOW that they will participate.  They also provided a case study for Microsoft.  They belong to the Microsoft Dynamics community site.  There is no client more deserving for this award.

Thanks and Congratulations to Monterey Bay Aquarium for this deserving award!