MVP Shout Out: Who are the longest, oldest, maybe wise beyond age?

Many of you know our MVP's already, but I found it interesting on how long they've been a MVP. Who our longest awarded MVP's, who may also be the oldest? Many of these MVP's are dedicated to our community, active bloggers and help Dynamics GP. They make out community better.

Here are the current MVP's. Thank you all for being part of the Microsoft Dynamics GP family. 


Charles  L. Allen 7/1/2005
Victoria Yudin 1/1/2005
Andrew Anatol Karasev 4/1/2006
Leslie Vail 7/1/2007
Mark Polino 10/1/2007
Monzer Osama AL Shaikh 4/1/2008
Frank Hamelly 7/1/2008
Mariano Gomez 7/1/2008
Mohammad R. Daoud 4/1/2009
Ian Stewart 4/1/2010
Sivakumar Venkataraman 10/1/2010
Jivtesh Singh 7/1/2011