NEW Extending the Reach resources available!

It’s been some time now since we launched our concept of Extending the Reach, which is our initiative for telling customers how they can benefit by leveraging the powerful Microsoft Office SharePoint platform along with Microsoft Office and Dynamics GP.  Increased access to information and insight, enhanced collaboration both inside and outside the organization, and removing manual business processes are just some of the benefits our customers realize when leveraging these products together.

In order to help our customers understand the realm of possibilities with the Extending the Reach story, we continually try to produce new and interesting demo tools for our Partners to help tell that story.  I’m happy to announce 3 new demo tools that will help our Partners do just that!  Each new demo is what we call a “vision demo,” which means they showcase the types of functionality our Partners can deliver through relatively simply customizations using technology that is widely available today.  So while not “out of the box” features, these scenarios help illustrate the types of problems that can be solved by leveraging the powerful SharePoint platform alongside Dynamics GP.

The new demo tools & templates are:

Disputed Invoice & PO Management Vision Demo: This vision demo illustrates how you can extend Dynamics GP with SharePoint to meet specific customer requirements.  In this example, the scenario is how customers can better manage and automate the tracking of invoice and purchase order disputes they initiate with their vendors. 

Request for Proposal Vision Demo: This vision demo illustrates how you can extend Dynamics GP with SharePoint to meet specific customer requirements related to customers that need to better manage and track RFP's (Request for Proposals) that they may initiate with their vendors.

Sales Account Manager My Site Vision Demo: In this vision demo, the scenario illustrates how customers can deploy simple My Site templates for their Sales Managers to better track and maintain customer information stored in the ERP.

Each vision demo includes a click thru demo recorded in DemoMate, along with the actual sample code and SharePoint templates developed to illustrate this example!  Partners can leverage these code templates to understand how the scenario was enabled, or even deploy them into their own test environment to try the scenario out on their own.  Documentation is included in each download file to help incorporate this scenario into a VPC image or an existing test server. 

Please note that this code should not be used in a live customer environment, as it has not been tested (and is not supported) by Microsoft.  These templates are meant for illustration purposes only.

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, you can download all of our Extending the Reach assets here (those you see on the site I linked in the intro and more).