NEW Integration Capabilities with Concur Travel & Expense!

Hey Everyone! Well, with GP 2010 officially out the door this week and available for our existing and new Customers, I thought I would make an additional exciting announcement about new integration capabilities with Concur Travel & Expense!  Partners, you can read all about this over on PartnerSource (click here), but I wanted to offer my own view on image this through here. First off, those of you who might be Dynamics GP Customers or Prospects, I should tell you that we’ve teamed up to offer integration with Concur for customers who want to better manage their employee expenses (of the Travel & Entertainment type).

The Concur Travel & Expense service truly streamlines the entire employee expense report submission and approval process, through an entirely online, browser-based service.  When combining Concur Travel & Expense with Microsoft Dynamics GP, we can offer a very seamless experience for your employees from the point of booking travel through your own travel portal, to creating expense reports for their completed trips and expenses, to approving and processing the expense reports, all the way to automatically importing the data into Microsoft Dynamics GP so you can quickly pay your employees, corporate cards, and vendors.

Enough of the marketing speak though. This solution can save your organization both TIME and MONEY. At Convergence last week, I had an opportunity to co-host an Interactive Discussion with over 50 Dynamics GP customers that were either using the Concur solutions today OR were interested in using them. Some of the current customers in the room spoke of their ACTUAL benefits after going live on the service.  One said they’ve cut expense report processing time by over 60%! Another said they’ve had a number of times where the Concur service identified employee expense fraud, and another described how it has helped them reduce expenses by better managing the travel policy with their employees.

I’ve seen a number of demos of the Concur Travel & Expense service, and each time I come away impressed by how easy the system is to use, and how incredibly feature rich it is! There are tons of great features, but my personal favorite has to be the Concur Mobile app. If you are out to eat with a client and don’t feel like grabbing that paper receipt for your expense report, just whip out your mobile phone and snap a picture of the receipt.  The next time you create your expense report, an entry for your dinner and a picture of the receipt are waiting for you to add it to the report! I hate coming back from a business trip with a wallet full of paper receipts…this little app (which is included for no extra charge from Concur!) would totally eliminate that and make filling out my expense reports SO much easier.

That little feature just scratches the surface though. There are a ton of other features as well that will save your company real dollars and your employees real time. Wouldn’t you rather have your sales people selling, or your other employees actually working on improving the business, as opposed to submitting and approving expense reports?!  If so, contact your Dynamic GP Partner today for more information on this great new service and integration!