NEW Microsoft Dynamics Surestep Online

NEW! Projects containing a subset of documents for
an implementation, diagnostic, or optimization based project can be built and
stored to your SharePoint using the new Sure Step Online Project Wizard.

Benefits of using the Sure Step Online Project Wizard:

  • Each project created must be set for a specific Sure Step Project Type, a
    specific Microsoft Dynamics Product and Solution. New projects contain editable
    copies of all Sure Step documents applicable to these criteria.
  • Projects are editable. You can customize them to leverage your own best
    practices or to make them customer- or solution-specific. You can do this by
    using the following methods:
    • Adding new documents (and removing unneeded ones)
    • Editing Sure Step documents
  • Projects can be copied, or “cloned “from within SharePoint using SharePoint
  • There is no limit to the number of projects you can create. The system is
    designed so that a new project should be initiated for each engagement
  • Each time a project is created using the wizard, the latest content
    available from Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Online will be retrieved.

To enable the Project Wizard in your own SharePoint environment, you must
download the Online Project Wizard file from this page, following the
instructions in the Sure Step User Guide.