Optimizing and Maintaining Performance for Microsoft Dynamics GP® 2010

The Support and Escalation Teams have released a new whitepaper to help you understand better how to support, optimize and maintain Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.  This is also a good read if you're considering a new implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.  From the document:

The purpose of this white paper is to complement, rather than replace, existing resources that are specific to optimizing and maintaining the components of a Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation. This white paper provides relevant information on maintaining and optimizing a Microsoft Dynamics GP environment as well as links to related resources that may offer additional guidance. This white paper also provides a starting point for troubleshooting performance issues with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  If you are experiencing performance issues with Microsoft Dynamics GP, please review this white paper to ensure your environment meets the recommendations provided. 

Important: The optimization techniques and performance improvements provided in this paper are based on a Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 implementation with a standard configuration. When considering the applicability of the information provided in this paper to a specific implementation, be sure to keep in mind the following points:

  • Depending on the level of customization in a specific Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 implementation, these techniques may perform differently or yield varying results.
  • Verify the functionality and performance impact of any of these optimization techniques before implementing them in a production environment.

Important: Create backup copies of all databases before performing any of the optimization techniques described in this white paper.

If you have basic questions regarding the content in the white paper, please contact Microsoft using the links below:



If you would like assistance applying the recommendations to your system or would like assistance with continued performance issues following the review of the white paper, please contact your Partner or e-mail askpts@microsoft.com to arrange for an advisory services engagement.

Key Contributors: Technical Reviewers:
Chad Aberle - Sr. Escalation Engineer                            Microsoft Dynamics GP Escalation Engineers
Kelly Youells - Sr. Support Escalation Engineer              Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Team

The document can be downloaded at:


Jay Manley