Please Read: Official Risk Management Suite Transition Update


Risk Management Suite is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics and did go through the same process that any other ISV would have to go through. However, they are not the first audit product in our ISV channel to be certified.

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On August 1, Microsoft announced its plan to transition the Microsoft Dynamics GP Risk Management Suite which includes Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures back to Merit Solutions, a valued Microsoft Dynamics ISV. Without any confirmation from Microsoft directly, the Microsoft Dynamics GP community has speculated and offered theories on the strategy behind this announcement. The official strategy behind this announcement is simple. Across all Microsoft Dynamics ERP products, Microsoft has evaluated the best way to serve our customers with the highest quality of products from Microsoft and through our Marketplace. Several products will be moved to our ISV marketplace across multiple Dynamics products.

To be clear - this transition has nothing to do with the quality of the product. The Risk Management Suite continues be a valuable product and Merit Solutions will continue to further enhance and improve the Risk Management Suite with a better focus on clients’ needs, while getting newer versions to market quicker. In fact, Microsoft believes strongly enough in the Risk Management Suite that it is backing Merit Solutions in making the suite the first Dynamics GP based Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures products that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics – signifying the highest level of quality assurance for ISV products. I’m personally excited about their product roadmap and what they will be able to deliver in the marketplace. 

Existing customers should feel confident that their solution will remain and they will continue to be able to use it now and into the future. It will be offered through Merit Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and any customer current on a Business Ready Enhancement Plan on December 1, 2012 will have rights to the latest release. Merit Solutions is committed to keeping all customer experiences with the Risk Management Suite consistent with their previous experience with Microsoft, and all customers can count on Merit Solutions to provide the same level of support, quality, and reliability that was received from Microsoft in the past.

In September you will hear more about the product roadmap and the process for existing customers.

Merit Solutions has been a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner since 1999 and a Dynamics GP ISV since 2003. In addition to being the original developer for the Risk Management Suite for the duration of Microsoft’s relationship with the product, they are a Gold Certified partner with a strong reputation for producing high quality solutions.  In addition to their role as a Dynamics GP ISV, Merit Solutions also provides IT and consulting services to standardize business processes that improve business performance and eliminate risk. They have recently been recognized as one of 2012’s top VAR partners, and had two products named in the Top 15 Add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

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