Put this in your “Partner Toolkit”

For those Dynamics GP Partners out there, there is a  new version of the Support Debugging Tool available today that you should go download IMMEDIATELY!  If you are thinking to yourself, “What is the %#!@ is the Support Debugging Tool?”, then you REALLY should go download this immediately!  This tool was created by David Musgrave as a way to help Partners better support, troubleshoot, and develop Microsoft Dynamics GP.  I would go on about specific features and updates included in this new release, but I couldn’t do it justice the way David already has over on the Developing for Dynamics GP blog.  Perhaps the best feature of this tool however is that it is FREE to all Dynamics GP Partners!

Earlier in my time here at Microsoft I actually worked in support for over 5 years, and I can tell you that this tool would have been a major help to have.  Not only does it help support/debug Dynamics GP, but it also has a bunch of what I consider “bells & whistles” included to help tweak the application to your liking.  Kudos to David and team for another great release of a great tool!