Rapidly implementing customers on Dynamics GP 2010!

I'm excited to announce the 2.0 release of the Rapid Implementation Tools is now available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010! I've blogged about the Rapid Tools many times before (you can find them here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/gp/archive/tags/rapid+implementation+tools/). With the great momentum of the Dynamics GP 2010 launch and the strong close to our fiscal year in June, now is a great time for Partners to leverage this great toolset to rapidly implement their new customers so they can immediately take advantage of all of the great new features!

Migrating someone from QuickBooks? Check. From Peachtree? Check. Looking to setup multiple companies with a common configuration? Check. Need an industry specific chart of accounts with a template setup? Check. I could go on and on. These tools really enable our Partners to deliver rapid, repeatable, and high quality implementations to their new customers.

Download the Rapid Implementation Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 today, or view the on-demand Partner readiness webinar to learn more about it's features!