Reason of the Day to attend GP Technical Airlift

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift is the place to learn about the future direction of Dynamics GP.  Now, typically many of you have left Fargo early for your flights home.  If you do it this year, you're going to miss out on much of our future direction.

Friday is going to be different from past years.  We are going to start the day with Breakfast, then a Town Hall Meeting.  After that, Pam Misialek is going to present on Pricing and Licensing.  Then, prepare to find out what we've been working on since Web Client - find out all about our future direction - find out about our vision - and find out what we've been excitedly working on for the last 9 months!  You won't want to miss this exciting 90 minute session which will be capped by Don Morton's sendoff address before you depart at Noon.

If you're attending the Airlift, you do NOT want to miss the Friday session materials!

See YOU there!



Jay Manley