Reason of the Day to attend GP Technical Airlift #12

Microsoft and eOne Solutions are pleased to announce a one day only Extender training class, exclusively for partners on September 17th, 2013, prior to the Tech Airlift event. eOne, who has assumed  responsibility for sales and support (while continuing their testing and development efforts), is offering the class in order to give partners the skills needed to make GP fit their customers’ businesses, without writing code. In the training, eOne will cover every aspect of Extender 2013. Among the areas covered are:

  • Creating a basic window and form including the field types and options available.
  • Adding the Extender resource to SmartList.
  • Creating Templates on Windows and Forms.
  • Adding logic to your Windows and Forms using Actions.
  • Creating inquiries for Windows.
  • Adding extra Windows on Forms.
  • Adding your Forms to Menus.
  • Reporting on the Extender data using tools such as SmartList, Report Writer, and external sources.
  • Using tools such as SmartConnect and SmartView to access the Extender data.

There will be multiple exercises provided to help in the learning process.

Please note that there is limited seating available for the training, so we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. You can sign up here or email for more information and details on the training.

Come to have fun, come to learn, just come to Fargo!

Are you signed up?
YES?  Great!  We'll see you here!!

No?  What are you waiting for!!  Get signed up NOW!  And get your co-workers signed up for the other tracks!


Jay Manley