Reason of the Day to attend GP Technical Airlift #3

Its Friday today!  Nearly time to think about shutting down for a couple days, relaxing (or, in my case, raising my adrenaline level to 80% of max), and getting ready for another week.

While I'm capturing the beauty of North Dakota upside down in a glider this weekend, I want you to start thinking about your trip to Microsoft Fargo for the Technical Airlift.


We are breaking the sessions into three tracks - Development, Pre-Sales Consultant, and Implementation Consultant

That doesn't mean that you're locked into one track, but does help set the learning track you'll likely follow.  But that does bring to mind - if you are the only resource attending the Airlift, you might want to suggest that someone else attend for the other tracks. For instance, if you are attending for the Implementation track, you will likely want someone to attend the Development track as well!  This is an event where you'll likely want AT LEAST two resources from your company attending because of the number of sessions.

I would suggest that you review the sessions and build your schedule sooner than later.  We have a lot of great sessions, and we can't wait to host you here in Fargo!


Next week, we'll start with a Reason of the Day from Errol!


As you can see - and as I'll continue to let you know about - there are a lot of great reasons to attend this years Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift. 

Are you signed up?
YES?  Great!  We'll see you here!!

No?  What are you waiting for!!  Get signed up NOW!  And get your co-workers signed up for the other tracks!


Jay Manley