Reason of the Day to attend GP Technical Airlift #6

Want to know why you should get signed up to attend the GP Technical Airlift today?


At this year's Dynamics GP Technical Airlift, one of the sessions you can attend is the GP Engineering Team Unplugged session.  Why is this cool?

This is your opportunity to ask the technical question on GP you’ve always wanted to ask but didn’t know who to ask.  Join us at the GP Engineering Team unplugged session and get access to the folks who build the
product to get the answers straight from the source.


And, since it's Monday, a bonus reason - This is the first Technical Airlift with at least 3 MVP's presenting!  Some of our presenters include Mariano Gomez, Belinda Allen, and Leslie Vail!


Come to have fun, come to learn, just come to Fargo!



Are you signed up?
YES?  Great!  We'll see you here!!

No?  What are you waiting for!!  Get signed up NOW!  And get your co-workers signed up for the other tracks!


Jay Manley