Software Magic

Several years ago when we started planning for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 along with shipping Dynamics GP 2010, I had a chat with one of our developers.  He had a crazy idea of bringing Dynamics GP to the web.  I immediately said, impossible with how Microsoft Dynamics GP works, it would be such a large effort that it wouldn't be feasible.  One of my favorite things about the Dynamics GP development team is that they think about how.  In their eyes things are only not possible until they figure out a way to make it possible.  They truly are brilliant.

The developer went on to give me his idea on how we could create a web client.  At that moment I became his biggest skeptic.  Sure, it's like magic.  Throw some magic fairy dust and all of a sudden we will have a web client.  Impossible.  Crazy. 

This challenge was the start of how the web client became a reality.  Between now and December 19th when we release Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to the world, I will share other stories about how the web client became real.

Maybe the Dynamics GP development team is magical after-all.