The Road to Dynamics GP 2013

Convergence 2012 in Houston, TX was an amazing event.  Over 10,000 of your closest Dynamics friends.

At the event, Kevin Racer and I presented the topic "The Road to Dynamics GP 2013" (you might see it as "The Road to Dynamics GP "12"" as we hadn't released the official name until the event was occurring.

We covered a bunch of information not only on the new web client, but also about how we think about future versions of Dynamics GP, and give you some insight into just a few of the well-over 100 new features that will be released with Dynamics GP 2013.

For those of you not able to attend, or had other topics to attend to, this is one of the free sessions that you can listen to on "Virtual Convergence".

If you go to and create an account.

Then go to Sessions --> MS Dynamics GP --> The Road to GP '12'.


Jay Manley