Top Questions this Week

Reposted from 5/21/2010

Customer Registration Keys: The process of updating the customer registration keys is taking longer than expected. They will be mass updated in June. If you have a critical situation and need keys, you can get them by calling Sales Operations.

FRx Currency Translation: Currency Translation is planned for September to be in Management Reporter (MR). A new module will not be added, it will be included with MR and Dynamics GP. FRx is now consolidated into two modules, FRx Designers and FRx Viewers. The currency translation module does not need to be purcahsed. Prospects who need currency translation and who will be live and needing FRx prior to September can get an exception by going through their PAM to the Business Desk. The Business Desk can work with them on pricing. For existing customers needing additional FRx users, they can do so through Sales Operations.

New Suites: The new suites are available for Dynamics GP 10.0 and 2010. In Dynamics GP 10.0 you will see the individual modules listed and in 2010 you will see the suites. Customers owning one module in the suite will automatically get the entire suite. The DeveloperToolkit has been broken up. Customers owning that will receive the integration suite as a default. If they would rather have the customization suite, the partner can call sales operations and have it changed. They get one or the other suite, not both.

Convergence Presentations: The presentations from Convergence are available. then go to schedule builder and you can find them. Virtual Convergence will be available soon and then you can watch sessions for those who are attendees.

Latin American Spanish and French Canadian Translations: The translations with localizations are planned to be available Q4 of calendar 2010.

Hope you all have a wondeful weekend,