Tweet, Tweet

I've recently embraced Twitter much to my shock and awe. Some of you may have heard some very foul comments about the usefulness of Twitter from months and years past. I am slowly being turned. It's nice when you have a short message. Hey look.

I did two tweets this afternoon. I(f you are a tweeter, when talking about Microsoft Dynamics GP please use the hash tag #MSDYNGP. Also become a friend of ours.)

Update: Mark Polino asked a nice question. What twitter name do we use to follow you? It is MSDYNGP as a user name. Errol, Jay Manley (new Product Manager) and me will use that central user.

Want to know what's new in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2? #MSDYNGP

New DemoMate available for partners on Microsoft Dynamics GP '12.' It is a prototype, the UI will change. #MSDYNGP


I'd like to hear your comments on the business value you see in Twitter.