What the heck is Business Intelligence?

I was presenting at a customer user group a couple weeks ago and asked the audience, ‘Does anyone know what Business Intelligence is?’  A few lonely souls raised their hand.

A few months ago, I did a similar event, and one strong willed woman in the front row mumbled, ‘Business Intelligence is a fancy word that Microsoft made up.’

Well, that got me to thinking, is BI a made up term?  What does it really mean? And most importantly, why should anyone care?

Well, BI is not a made up term, to learn more about the history see the Wikipedia Link for Business Intelligence.

So, what does BI really mean?  Looking back in the last ten years, many businesses had data in databases, but really wanted to get reports.  In the most recent years, businesses are looking for more.  They can get reports and information, but can they get:

  • predictions for future trends?
  • analysis of historical trends, to make decisions?
  • knowledge without asking someone else?
  • recommendations on product offerings?

Why should our Dynamics GP family care about BI?   Because Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 has the functionality today to solve the scenarios above. Customers are solving these business problems today, and getting a huge value. 

Fact Sheets that cover our solutions

Report List, SmartLists, and Office Excel in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

SQL Server Reporting Services in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

SmartList Builder in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

Analysis Cubes in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

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