Where do we begin?!

I guess the first place to start is WELCOME to the Official blog of Microsoft Dynamics® GP!  The Product Management and Marketing team is very excited to start this new medium for interacting with our Partners and Customers.  Secondly, I’d like to say CONGRATS!  What for you ask?  Well, by way of visiting (and hopefully reading!) our blog, you have become an official “GP INSIDER!”  We hope you’ll come back often to get all the latest and greatest information directly from those on the “inside!”

It’s been a very busy time lately for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Team, and there are a number of things we could talk about in our inaugural post.  However, in the interest of time (both yours and mine!), I’ll give you a quick update on the one event on everyone’s mind around here lately…


One of our favorite times of the year is Convergence, when we get a chance toNO09_Agenda bring thousands of our Customers and Partners together to learn, network, and have some fun (ok, for many of us, A LOT of fun!).  This year will be no different in New Orleans, as we have been busy getting ready to deliver a jam packed week that will deliver the in-depth learning, networking, and fun you have all come to expect from this event!  Check this blog the week of March 9th for daily Convergence updates where you can find out more about all the great things happening at the conference. We hope to see you in New Orleans!

Did you know?

  • Learning:
    • We have over 100 sessions and interactive discussions dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics GP that will take place over the course of 4 days
    • We have over 70 speakers, all experts in their field, to deliver these sessions
    • There are over 30 scheduled hours of access to our Technical Support experts and 11 product-specific Hands On Labs for you to try Microsoft Dynamics GP for yourself
  • Networking:
    • We have over 30 hours available to enjoy the Community & Learning Center, where you can visit with other customers like you or have meetings with ISV’s, Partners, and Microsoft staff
    • There are 18 hours of Expo scheduled for you to get your questions answered about Microsoft products and all of those fantastic ISV solutions
  • Fun:
    • Don’t miss the Monday night welcome reception at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
    • The Expo Reception on Wednesday night is a great way to learn and network while tasting the great food and drink of New Orleans
    • New Orleans has this place called “Bourbon Street” that I hear can be a fun place to hang out…perhaps you’ve heard of it? :)
    • Plus MUCH MUCH more. 

If you will be joining us at this year’s event, stop by the Expo booth or attend one of our sessions and let us know you are a GP INSIDER!  

Before I wrap up, I want to fill you in a bit more about our aspirations for this blog.  You can expect to hear more from my colleagues and myself via this blog about a range of topics, thoughts, and questions.  We’ll give you sneak peaks into new features and releases.  We’ll discuss current features you might not know about.  We’ll give you the inside scoop on upcoming events or promotions.  We’ll ask you questions about what you like and don’t like, or what you would like to see done in a future release.  We want this blog to strengthen the connection between the product and the people who make up the community around it.  Most importantly, we hope this blog becomes a mechanism not only for our team to inform you of important information about Microsoft Dynamics GP, but also as a means to hear from YOU, the “GP Insiders”, about the most pressing topics, questions, and issues you want to discuss.  We’ll do many things with this blog, and we hope to become a part of your regular web browsing habit along the way!

So please…we want to hear from you! Leave us comments. Tell us what topics you want us to blog about. Anything is fair game…well, almost anything!  And until our next post, we’ll catch you GP Insiders on the flip-side. :)