Why Convergence 2012

Why attend Convergence 2012

By Pam Misialek

Today while I drove into the office, I thought about writing a blog post on Convergence, telling everyone that registration is open and GPUG is hosting a pre-day event that bring additional value. It occurred to me that I should really write a post on Why Convergence. Why should anyone attend? 

I've been to many Convergence events, missing only three of them. I've described the event to first time attendees many times with much difficulty, feeling words didn't really explain it with accuracy. Convergence is an experience and you would never understand it until you go. It's huge with up to 10,000 attendees, it's bold and extravagant, yet it gives people a sense of belonging to a community. 

Really though what are the top reasons to attend Convergence 2012?

  • Find Solutions: The biggest gathering of the top ISV's in the world. Microsoft Dynamics GP has a vast and robust channel of ISV's that extend the product. You can find solutions for problems you didn't know you had. You can find ways of doing things easier.
  • Find Answers: Bring every question your entire company has about Microsoft Dynamics GP. The support help desk is there to answer any questions you have about the product and many of them have over ten years of experience, being The Expert. A few examples:
    • Need help creating a report. Bring your requirements.
    • Want to make sure you are making backups properly? Go ask.
  • Find Connections: Talk to people like you and share experiences. I bet there is someone out there who has experienced the same challenges as you and have resolved them. Learn what they did and what they learned. Finding connections will give you more ideas from the real world.
  • Find Out the Future: Microsoft Dynamics GP '12' is coming and it could have a massively positive impact on your business. Find out when its coming and what's in it. We will also talk longer term showing you what's coming after that!

Now, an interesting idea to think about. After you attend Convergence and get a ton of ideas and valuable information, what are you going to do? Last year I gave a challenge to all of the Microsoft Dynamics GP customers. I asked them to pick one thing. One. Pick one thing you are going to bring back and do. I would love to hear stories from people who picked their one thing and brought change to their business!


To Register for Convergence: http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/convergence/houston12/

To Register for the GPUG DayONE: www.gpug.com/conferences/DayONE.