Why mid-market companies continue to make the smart move to Microsoft Dynamics GP…

Every year, we see a large number of customers moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP from their Intuit QuickBooks solution.  Since most small businesses want a simple package designed for a small business, they end up buying QuickBooks. It only makes sense then that when those companies grow into a larger, more mid-market like business, they want a full featured product designed for mid-market companies, so they oftentimes select Microsoft Dynamics GP.  In some cases, these mid-market customers looking for a mid-market product will evaluate QuickBooks Enterprise.  While this product definitely can help growing customers on lower editions of QuickBooks overcome some of the user scalability issues they may face (today QuickBooks Enterprise touts they can handle up to 30 users), there is still a wide gap in terms of the type of functionality offered out of the box between this package and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Take for example the recent findings from the 3rd party company The Accounting Library where they found that Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 includes a great deal more functionality than QuickBooks Enterprise 9.0 out of the box.  The chart below tells the story…


The Accounting Library Product Ranking

  Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 9.0
Entire Product 84% 43%
  General Ledger 89% 56%
  Accounts Payable 81% 38%
  Accounts Receivable 84% 51%
  Payroll 91% 58%
  Inventory 86% 44%
  Job/Project Costing 82% 35%
  Fixed Assets 72% 43%
  Order Entry 89% 39%
  Budgeting 89% 64%
  Multi-National Accounting 84% 39%
  Manufacturing 84% 43%

Considering the functionality gaps shown above, the fast ROI customers experience when moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP, along with gaining powerful out of the box interoperability with the Microsoft Office products they use every day, it is no surprise that customers continue to make the Smart Move to Microsoft Dynamics GP!

For a FULL report from The Accounting Library on Microsoft Dynamics GP versus QuickBooks Enterprise, including the analysis above, click here.