Worldwide Partner Conference nearly complete!

So five fantastic, action-packed days in Houston are now coming to an end, as the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 winds down and packs up for another year, and the many thousands of attendees and participants head back to their homes and their daily business rhythms.

If we have done our job well, then returning to your business will not just mean returning to business as usual. Fully informed on future business and product strategy, and inspired by the opportunities that lie ahead, we hope that you are heading home to educate and optimize your businesses to seize the opportunities that beckon.

Hopefully you had time to go deep on some of the ways that you can serve your customers better, more efficiently, and more consistently. And how you can extend your ERP practice and your footprint by offering a complete business solution from Microsoft.

The Houston sun may be setting over the Worldwide Partner Conference, but that does not mean we will be leaving you in the dark when you get back home.

Once you are back in the office, look on PartnerSource for more information on key areas of opportunity.

And whether you were in Houston for the conference or not, you can look for the availability of video recordings of all the Dynamics sessions over the next few weeks. Then be sure to plan your attendance at the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2013 in September to help you take the next step toward building your own Dynamic Business.

So goodbye from Houston, thank you for your part in making this an incredible conference, and have a great trip home. 

Jay Manley