Failure Rate estimation from historic data and Big data Analytics

My earlier post described Predictive Maintenance and showcased a demo video on M2M Telematics application for computing failure rate and MTTF in real time from simulated sensor data attached to Machines/Vehicles.

At the end of that case study video I promised to demonstrate computing failure rate when you have no access to sensor data, purely from historic maintenance failure records.

Here is the video that demonstrates predicting future failures from historic failure data.

With this analysis, you can answer questions such as:

  • How many failure are likely to occur by the end of next year?
  • If I were to choose between two types of design, which one is more likely to meet my reliability requirements?
  • What is best inspection cycle that I should employ? etc...

For more details on predictive analytics and its application in relation with M2M big data Telematics and Natural language processing for health care applications, retail and automotive, refer to my publications, available at: