It's Friday

It's a bright beautiful Friday afternoon and all I can think about is, “I wish it would rain so I don't have to water my new lawn.”

On a different note, I just want to say I love working here at Microsoft.  This morning we decided last minute to bring my daughter to work.  She really likes riding the buses (probably because she's not strapped into a car-seat).  So while my wife, Rachel took my oldest son Alex to preschool, Emily and I rode the bus to work (thank you Microsoft for the free bus pass).  She was very excited to point out all the trees and flowers, and generally just enjoyed being with me.  When we got here, she took full advantage of the free sodas, juices, and milk.  She also found my private stash of cereal and decided to have a second breakfast.  Because I have my own office (not just a cubicle) I closed the door to prevent her constant chatter from disturbing others.  Of course everybody had to comment on how cute she was (yes even the caffeine-induced-code-for-life-single-guys could enjoy her cuteness with sacrificing their manlyness).  After Emily was done playing with some of my prized lego collection (I keep a fairly large stash of less-prized legos in my office specifically for these occasions), Rachel was done with her errands and picked Emily up on her way home.

I personally don't know of anyplace else where they pay you for doing something you love (yes I do love writing compilers), and they let you bring your kids to work to make even better!