Friday Afternoon Fun

Yesterday was a big day, filled with lots of goodness on openness and interoperability. Today I thought I'd share some stuff that is a little different than my normal focus, but very interesting nonetheless. I realized last night (thanks to a not-so-gentle reminder from my wife) that I haven't gone through a 24-hour period without saying "XML" for about 2 years. (at one point I think I went through a similar span on the topics of color depth, tone ranges and CCD conversions for digital imaging, but that was before I had the opportunity to spill it all out into a blog post.) No matter how many books I read about the Universe, it seems to occupy a lot of my offline discussion time.

MSDN has published a new interactive developer map for the 2007 Office system. This is an innovative way to get your head around what we're offering for integration potential today.

I also shoot a lot of photographs. These are some fond memories of my Open XML days, from Seattle (with some Open XML partners on a photo shoot), Thailand and India. With apologies for the personal disclosure, I've spent a lot of my XML thinking time this week considering just how far we've come in the past few years.

And as I head out for the weekend, I thought I'd point at a blog post I saw on ZDNet that I found interesting. I do appreciate it when folks take the same step back that I do and vote for cutting us some 'slack.' We are doing a lot. We want to do the right things. So I'm happy to end my week on an upbeat: