More on the Open XML to DAISY Translator

Some things are just good no matter how you look at them. Managing macro-size products can be strange sometimes, because you lose perspective on individuals. Product managers spend a lot of time (at least the good ones do) trying to connect with people to get a tactile "feel" for what their product does, how it is used, and so on. But every once in a while, you get involved with something that you just feel good about from the very first moment.

For me, the Open XML to DAISY Translator is one of those projects.

I'm not sure I've been as proud to be involved in anything in my software career as I am this project. I was only involved in the early planning stages of the thing; Reed Shaffner has been taking point on this for us, working with the DAISY consortium and Sonata on the project. But I am just thrilled to see this project progressing. Open XML and DAISY have permanently raised my awareness and interest level in software for Accessibility. I've now joined the large group of folks at our company who are passionate about the topic. I can only hope to have more chances in the future to do good things in this area.

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Yesterday at our press event, I was with Reed and DAISY Consortium Secretary General George Kerscher, where they were discussing the DAISY project. I wanted to point back to this video of the coverage to share it. It is wonderful to see. The full article is here: