Office 2010 Application Compatibility Tools Bug Hunt

Hello, this is Michael Kiselman again with exciting news related to the Office 2010 compatibility program and tools.

We have many participants using and testing the Application Compatibility tools for Office 2010. Thus far we have received much feedback from the community and are making improvements to the tools as a result of that feedback. As it goes with many pre-release programs, particularly ones which have no real precedent, the questions and feedback we are receiving is generating more questions and the need for even more feedback. As we near the launch of Office 2010, we want to double-down on our beta program for the tools and content. We're going to put some skin in the game to increase the rate of feedback we're getting on the materials.

Among the areas where we are seeking feedback are bugs in the OEAT and Code Compatibility Inspector Tools. We are going to conduct a public bug hunt, and we are going to offer prizes for those who can help us find defects in our tools.

For our bug hunters we are offering 2 prizes – XBOX360 Elite and 8GB Zune.

To win the prizes, all you need to do is to download beta of the Office Environment Assessment Tool (OEAT) and beta of the Office 2010 Code Compatibility Inspector, run them and report any bugs you discover to before April 9th. If we are able to reproduce your bug or you can help us identify a defect in the tools, that becomes your sweepstakes entry. From the submitted and approved bugs, we will randomly select winners after April 9th.

We are looking forward to your feedback! Happy Hunting!

The Official Rules for the Sweepstakes are located here.