A Couple of Cool Uses of the DWM Thumbnail APIs

I've seen a couple of cool uses in the past week of the DWM Thumbnail API (described in my previous post) and wanted to share them here.

"Simon on the .NET" wrote a great-looking Exposé-like mini-app that, when you press F12, shows a representation of all the desktop windows in a grid.  The original desktop is shown behind the grid.  The thumbnails are, as expected, live and updating (though they don't accept input, as is true with DWM thumbnails in general).

Douglas Stockwell wrote a cool WPF application that PInvoke's to the thumbnail APIs and populates a WPF ItemsControl with thumbnails of windows as you click on them.  As it stands, it has no particular purpose, but it shows some interesting integration between WPF and DWM thumbnails.