Group Policy Log View tool posted

We are on a bit of a roll! We have recently released the ADMX Migrator, the Windows Vista version of the Group Police Reference Spreadsheet and the ADM files for IE 7 and Powershell. Next up is a new tool for Windows Vista related to Group Policy events.

As you may know, we made significant modifications to the manner in which we report events in Windows Vista. Taking advantage of the new event reporting infrastructure in Windows Vista (code named "Crimson"), we take a more logical approach to how we report events, both for administrative and operational purposes. That said, the aforementioned infrastructure is generic in nature. While it has some great features, we've already received feedback that a tool specific to report Group Policy events would be of value.

Enter GPLogView.

The tool is a quick and easy way to look at the events we report. This allows you to focus on Group Policy events specifically without having to filter them out of the full set of events collected across the operating system. GPLogView also allows these reports to be saved to your choice of text, HTML or XML file.

Check out the tool here...

Mark Williams, Program Manager, Group Policy