Easiest Web Photo Gallery Ever

A few months before I came to work for Microsoft, I was trying to revise my personal website. It was very plain and I wanted to jazz it up a bit. I was trying to use Visual Studio 2005 ... to no avail. It just wasn't the right tool for the job.

So I did a search on the web and started to look at the website design software that was out there. I stumbled across the Microsoft Expression Suite. I played around with Expression Web for a while and I could see it was a vast improvement over Front Page. I put my new site together and began exploring the other products in the suite.

When I started to investigate Expression Media, I found a small little wizard that really impressed me: The HTML Gallery.

I have used this convenient little too on more than one occasion. In short it allows you to take a collection of images and very quickly and easily create an image gallery. It is very customizable and extremely easy to use. You can even save off the selections you made to use them again on a later date, so that you can have a consistent look and feel from gallery to gallery.

A couple of examples of where I used mine are: World Of Warcraft screenshots and my Acura For Sale page.