TechEd 2006 Europe : Feedback & Suggestion request SQL Server Track

As you might know by now, TechEd Europe 2006 will be split in 2 events:

Kevin Ashby (Microsoft EMEA) and I will be owning the SQL Server/Database track again, it really is a fun & rewarding but hectic job.

So here's your chance to influence & provide feedback on the content.

We're early in the process but if you have any comments, suggestions, tomatoes, then please send them my way. Especially, if you're interested in the SQL Server track, please let us know your thoughts & suggestions.

We run TechEd Europe for you - so please provide feedback on the content. At this stage we can and will make changes based on your comments.

I read every email & comment, so keep 'em coming!

Thanks a million!
Guntherb. (guntherb at microsoft dot com)